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To avoid chafing of the fabric, overlapping shade sails should have a minimum of 12 inches of distance between them. (Not at Home Depot) If timber posts are used, then we generally recommend temporary power poles with a preservative added to the wood. Our shade sails have many features to ensure a high quality, long lasting product. Wooden posts can provide an economical solution but must be of at least 125mm diameter and be pressure treated against rot. 5 metres to the primary street boundary; a minimum of 1 metre from the side and/or rear streets. x 20 ft. ) for instant sun protection. Oz-Post Oz-Post Steel 2 Wood Fence Bracket WAP-OZ-50110 shade sail 3 eye bolts 3 stainless steel turnbuckles cordless drill drill bit to suit eye bolts 3 treated pine posts (100mm square x 3600mm, rated for in-ground use) 3 bags rapid-set concrete shovel (scissor or post hole shovels are best for this job) Note: if you are using a large sail, you may need steel rather than timber posts. Due to their highly tensioned design, shade sails can provide more coverage with less metal framework. New COLOURTREE 28. A powdercoat finish gives a unique look to your posts. I will be pouring cement and using simpson post base brackets and bolting the post to the bracket (I am not sinking the post in cement). Shade sail poles moving Sorry for the long post, but here it goes: I constructed an 18'x18' shade sail in my back yard a few years ago. Whether it is used alone over a single structure or in conjunction with other shades, the Isosceles Sail will bring an edgy look to your outdoor venue. Filters. Why Kookaburra? Shade sails have long been popular in the southern hemisphere for their sun protection benefits. Our shade structure poles and mounts are helpful in installing shade sails, whether you are attaching to an already existing structure or a pole to place in the ground. 10 year anti corrosion warranty. They are perfect for all year round weather protection within many settings including schools, hotels, restaurants, pubs and hospitals. ShadeLogic Sun Shade Sail, Heavy Weight, 12' Square, Evergreen: In general, for “Ready Made” sails, we usually use 4″ schedule 40 steel pipe ( galvanized) or wooden temporary power poles (treated) that are 6″ or larger. To verify this a qualified local engineer must be contacted. Combine more than one Sun Shade Sail or mix shapes to create your own unique outdoor shade and living space. 19 FREE Shipping by Amazon Windscreen4less Shade Sail Post Round 96’’ (8ft) Galvanized Steel for Canopy Fence Installation Great Deck Patio Backyard Garden for Both Hard and Soft Ground Grass Concrete 4. Optional straight (0 degrees), angled (5 degrees) or elbowed inox brushed stainless steel round or square 2. Galvanised and weleded steel posts for safe shade sail installation. Shade Sail Post Footers If additional posts are required, we recommend the use of a minimum of 4 inch, schedule 40 steel pipe or a minimum of 6x6 inch wood treated for outdoors. There are a lot of guides online for how to attach your shade sail, and most suggested we strongly anchor the corners using metal posts cemented in the ground. Which makes Shade Sails Benefits and Options. When you put up a shade sail, you need shade sail support posts to hold each end of the fabric taut enough to function the way it’s supposed to. Toja Grid offers a simple approach to style and design along with afford ability, quick assembly and quality of craftsmanship. 00 Add to Cart. Once the fixing points have been installed your Shade Sail will be measured and manufactured. Galvanized steel  Posts can be timber or metal, but they must be installed firmly into the ground. You have searched for shade sail poles and this page displays the closest product matches we have for shade sail poles to buy online. Specifications Shape:Rectangle Size: 6'5'' x 9'10'' Color: Sand Material: 100% virgin HDPE(185gsm) UV protection rate: up to Steel posts, on the other hand, are durable, uniform, easily painted, and perfectly suited to the chore of providing a stable anchor for your shade sail over the long haul. Design Build . 19 FREE Shipping by Amazon Install Eye nuts with threaded rod through the posts with the eyes pointed at the center of the sail. Dig an 800mm hole for a 3m shade sail and 1200mm hole for a 5m shade sail. Sailmaker Shade Sails are manufactured with stainless steel cable double lock stitched into the perimeter. These tensile fabric canopies provide shade and UV protection for residential and commercial outdoor living spaces like backyard patios, playground equipment, parks, restaurants, and swimming pools. Our product range is suitable for residential and commercial applications. Shade2measure uses over steel framework and a zip track system to ensure that your shade sail structure is sturdy and of the highest quality construction. 1. Sails that have less than 4:1 slope void the fabric manufacturers warranty. This sandwich style look adds static motion to whatever it is covering. But stylish as shade sails are, aesthetics is a side effect of their functional geometric forms. A major issue for fence posts is that the force from the sail shade is at the top of the post whereas the support is at the bottom. They adapt to each situation and obeying under a very precise and strict engineering process. Shade Sails are perfect for any outdoor area that requires high quality sun protection. There are other shade sails made of shade cloth that give protection from sun but allow rain through. The Check out our blog! We are covering topics that relate to shade sail, shade cloth, sail for shade, shade cloth sail and fabric shade. In most cases, a Shade Sail is secured to a combination of Steel Posts cemented into the ground and Brackets and Fittings, Bolted or Screwed to a Building. Apr 25, 2018 · This shade sail shown here is an example of what a pre-made standard sized sail looks like, when you try and install posts to fit (this is not a Shadeform sail). 96 for fixings. 5 Point Shade Sail – Mackenzie, Brisbane Carport sun sail in black Abshade material-Goodna. Shade Sails Canada is Open. Hi, i have an existing 100mm concrete slab which i want to cover with a 6m x 4m shade sail. A flat sail is harder to tension correctly, and in times of heavy downpour can catch and hold water for longer periods of time, thus putting excess load pressure on the fixing points. Our incredibly sturdy powder-coated steel support posts are set into deep heavy   The shade sails manufactured by Shadeform are one of a kind, developed from By doing this after post and fixing installation, we can take exact dimensions A marine grade 316 stainless steel wire is inserted into each of these pockets,  Wall baseplates : Stainless steel (2 baseplates / poles). 6m. May 21, 2020 · A shade sail is the best cover for your patio or backyard, it gives protection from the heat of the sun or harsh climate while giving aesthetic look on your patio or backyard, it is usually expensive but with proper care your shade sail lasts longer usually up to 50 years. Once suspended, the sun shade offers good resistance to wind as well, although I would recommend lowering the shade sail if high winds or a thunderstorm is expected. One of the best methods of mounting a shade sail is to have high points diagonally opposite each other. This is measured in gauge, and we want more than 10 for anything that’s going to permanently supporting the shade. Shade Sails. Shade Sails Posts Powdercoating Colours. Powder-coated stainless steel posts are available for a surcharge All NQ Shade Australian made steel posts are provided in a long lasting ‘Duragal’ finish and can be colour powder coated (optional) to blend with your décor. We have the experience to deliver your shade sail needs. Without a doubt the quickest and most cost-effective way to add a little shade wherever you need it has to be a sun shade sail canopy. Shade sails are anchored to roof shade sail fittings or powder coated steel posts. Bring an edge to your play area with the Isosceles Sail. x 8 ft. To install standalone posts, dig holes for them to go in. Rectangular backyard shade sails keep an outdoor dining space cool. Colorbond Shop Toja Grid 8 ft. Patio Shade Sails, photo by ‘Landscaping Network‘. If you want shade you need to establish some type of a roof on top of your pergola. Projects . Reinforced corners with stainless steel d-rings sewn in; Steel posts; Anchor Bolt Clusters with template (concrete excluded) Install Kit (includes perimeter wire rope) Engineering services available; Our custom shade sail structures are manufactured in the USA using UV stabilized high density polyethylene (HDPE) shade fabric and UV stabilized Hypar Sail SKU: SHYPAR-CUSTOM Starting At $30,000. Plan is to dig 1m hole, 40cm wide, put some gravel at the bottom of the hole, drill few holes into the post so the concrete can flow through and grip better and possible put some bolts through it as well at the bottom. Posts: Please Note that the following information re Posts is a general guideline and there are several considerations that change the requirements. Custom Shade Sails offers a variety of high quality stainless steel rigging hardware. 200 matches. They come in a variety of sizes, usually as squares or triangles, and they just require a few attachment points. PATIO Sun Shade Sail Canopy Pole Post Kit 8' Feet Tall 96'' Canopy Support Pole. The only thing better than the affordability of a sun sail shade canopy may be its versatility. See below our range of Steel Powder Coating. Therefore, if your walk through is going to be 9 feet than you should go around 3 feet into the ground. Commercial Awnings: Aluminum shade sails Shade sails are a unique and cost effective way to add temporary or permanent shade to water parks, sporting venues, car dealerships or parking lots. The perimeter of each sail has a cantinery curve designed into it that controls the fabric tension in the center of the sail. 00; Stainless Steel Triangle Shade Sail Fixings – *DIY Kit* $ 63. In this case, Coolaroo shade sails were used, but this installation would work well for Phoenix sun shade sails, too. Sail can work as an extension to your roof providing shade or can be an independent structure. They’re easy to install and we’ll show you how. Tighten the wing nuts on the clamps to secure the rod. 72. Shade Sails are made from sturdy shade cloth fabric (usually a combination of High Density Polyethylene and a Filler Thread or Tape) with a stainless steel cable sewn into the perimeter. 3 out of 5 stars 18 $128. com (http://www. They do have to use the amount of tension that they say, you could leave them up all year long if installed correctly. When planning to install our shade sail, some significant factors should be Alternatively, steel posts could be placed, creating a completely custom solution. Fasten each post with lag screws and carriage bolts. A flat sail is harder  All our post installations vary from being sited in concrete to floor and wall bolted systems. Made of 100% brand new 185gsm high-density polyethylene material, finished with strong stitched seam and stainless steel eyelets, quality is 5 years  The angle of the poles allow for correct tension and the Sail will look great for very esthetic marine grade stainless steel fittings that we use to attach the sail to  We often recommend a 3 1/2 to 4-inch thick walled steel pole. It is a safer way to enjoy the outdoor experience without the danger of skin damage caused by UV sun rays. Shade sails are made of breathable knitted polyethylene fabric, which allows air to circulate through the shaded area and prevents rainwater from pooling. To install your outdoor sun shade sails where you can easily and quickly take them down, see my page on Installing Our Shade Sails. 2 posts 100 x 100 x 5mm thick x 3500mm long. Steel posts can be cut to predetermined lengths and painted to a colour matching your shade sail and the environment. Shade Systems are nationwide suppliers of premium shade sails & shade sail systems, designed & manufactured in New Hypar Shade Sails Steel Poles. Anthony, I was going to put Shade Sails over my pond. I've seen that it is recommended to use a minimum 4mm thick 100mx100mm steel post for shade sails because of the strength. There is a large range of stylish and modern colours available. In other words, an eight foot tall post would typically have a 4' deep 30" diameter, 3000 psi concrete footing. I had previously purchased some heavy duty eye hook bolts for the 6 x 6 posts. Then to protect the steel from rust we had them powder coated in Classic Cream to match the limestone fence pillars they will be next to and exterior house posts to prevent rust. Domestic Shade Sail specialist with around 20 years experience in shade sails and structures. Apr 20, 2020 · Curved steel posts Traditional upright steel posts are the go-to shaft for shade sails for most people. They are suspended between posts or roof / wall fixings to provide shade coverage. Shade sails are different from other outdoor shade structures in the way they are constructed and used. Otherwise, windy conditions may cause the sails to rub against each other and may damage the fabric over time. We have also engineered our own removable posts as illustrated in the 4th pic from the right. The sail is made from high-density polyester with a PU coating which makes it tear-resistant, water-resistant and durable. Shade sail hardware is made of stainless steel fittings. and is 4 metre's long (Happy to customise length & fixings to suit, phone to discuss ) Includes a galvanised knock on cap, M10 304grade Stainless Steel collared eyebolt fixed to post with a 304grade Stainless Steel Nyloc Nut as shown in 1st photo below Easily attach to any sturdy connection point (posts, walls, trees, pergolas, fascia’s, lanais, etc. 00. Install eye lag bolts to strong support surfaces such as studs, eaves or posts at the height you want the sail. 36" (60mm) posts for additional strength. Hypar Sail Shade Structures are great at providing any location with a contemporary, innovative look, as well as an abundance of shade! Varying columns heights enable the fabric to conform to a unique shape, allowing for maximum shade coverage and distinctive design capabilities. There are 194 shade sail for sale on Etsy, and they cost $66. This cable is swaged to a stainless steel D ring located at ea Hi all, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on a question I have re the posts I am using to erect a shade sail. As registered builders, we also guarantee a 3 year installation warranty on all residential shade sail installations. 23 Regular Price $96. The round steel posts are used less but are still an option. 3. <br /> They can provide shade from the sun while allowing the cool breeze to enter through Setting the attachment points at different heights will ensure effectiveness. Shade Sail Sizing. Shade sails will add style to any garden and increase the use and enjoyment of outdoor living areas. Screw head-rod clamps to the house fascia spaced 3 feet apart. If more attachment points are needed, consider installing steel anchor structures or poles. 16 Custom Sized Shade Sails are made to fit your specifications exactly, eliminating the need to calculate attachment points on your own. There is a long term customer in Darra who has experienced the 316 Stainless Steel perimeter breaking on many occasions without the sail itself bursting. Shade Sails, Shelter, Playground. Steel posts are also suitable and are available from either your normal hardware outlet/home centre or your local steel supplier. Remember before digging to make sure you check with your local council for any pipes and wires in the ground as you don’t’ want to hit those! The shade sail works for inclinations of 0 to 40% (22°). Our shade sails are made from premium grade high-density polyethylene material, which offers up to 97% UV protection. If you need to cut the steel pipe then we use either an angle grinder or circular saw with a metal cutting blade. A shade sail's inward-sloping sides are its visual signature and its engineering secret: the curves help to evenly distribute the tension placed at each of the shade's Carlsbad, CA. POLES & POSTS: Shade Sails' poles or posts can ideally be either wooden or metal. 316 marine grade wire and rigging – creating vertical block out screens. A sail can be mounted to your home, large trees, patio/deck columns or they can be flown from wood posts or steel columns embedded in concrete footings. Get some shade with this 3m x 3m Garden Sail Shade & Posts; Choose from 2 designs: triangular or square; Triangular design includes 3 x white steel shade sail posts and guy ropes; Square design includes 4 x white steel shade sail posts and guy ropes; 3m x 3m large shade sail for outdoor use; Canopy made from 100% polyester Steel posts can come in a variety of colours. If enough fixing points are not already available, posts may need to be installed. CosCool Sun Shade Sail Installation Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Hardware Kit of TYPE 1 Shade Sail Posts consist of the Steel Duragal-Plus SHS Tube or Galvanised Pipe cut to your specific length, complete with a Galvanised Metal Cap and a 12mm Stainless Steel Eyelet. Use them as a single, stand-alone shade structure, or as a combination with multiple, interacting and overlapping designs. We are open and still sending our sails out daily so please know your orders will be made and delivered. On each side of the sail, you should allow a space between the corner of the shade sail and the mounting point that is at least 10 percent of the shade sail’s length. If you want to be 2 metres out of the ground, you could get away with a 65mm x 65mm x 2mm wall post. Shade sails are attached to steel posts,  There may be opportunities for creating attachment points for your sail on areas of existing structures, or you may need to install steel or aluminium posts to  Complete Shade Solutions is the Leader in Shade Sail and Strucutre fabrication Measure up and quote; Hardware manufacture - galvanised steel posts, roof  Carport shade sails do not need to be fixed to an existing structure or we can build your carport using lightweight galvanised steel posts. 3 ft. The fabric is available in many colors, fire rated and easily removable if needed with an ez-glide elbow release system. One Galvanised Steel Square Post 100mm x 100mm to fix your SHADE SAILS to. Once the inserts are in place concrete the excavations are filled with correctly specified concrete (generally a 25 MPa mix) and allowed to cure for approximately 1 week. Shade Sails anchors differ in two broad categories: wall mounts and free-standing mounts such as posts and poles. Here, the choice of high quality products is extremely important, especially for special wall materials such as thermally insulated walls. ($23. All Shade Systems are shipped knocked-down, with complete assembly instructions, and ready for easy in-field installation. The key difference between the single post and double post cantilever is the cost, being that the single post cantilever fabric canopy requires larger steel and more labour. Mounting Posts - Wood or Metal? In order to resist the high forces at the mounting points, shade sail mounting posts must be of adequate diameter and securely embedded in the ground. It is recommended to either use a round steel post with a minimum diameter of 90mm, or a 90x90mm square steel post. Engineering will include design of the posts and their Fabrication and installation of Shade Sail membranes for $2,500. Shade Sails Installation Suggestions Design and Layout: Shade Sails can be mounted in a variety of ways. shade sail residential fabrics photo on marvellous patio sails posts backyard waterproof outside outdoor home depot. 4. This ensures that you achieve a strong and durable finish. Shall be Gore Tenara high density; high strength and low shrinkage. Your Shade Sail will include: Aug 06, 2010 · Visit shadednation. Numerous single-post shade structures can be placed near each other to further expand this range. If its a shade made of HDPE fabric and Stainless Steel cabling, I would DEFINITELY go that way. The eye hook pads were bolted to the wall studs on the house. TYPE 2 Shade Sail Posts consist of the Duragal-Plus SHS or Galvanised Pipe cut to your specific length and come with a Galvanised Metal Cap and a 12mm Stainless Steel Eyelet. Their unique design adds an artistic flair to beautify any surrounding. The poles should be made of metal and durable enough to withstand the tension required to hold up your shade sail. 9 inches) diameter round or 100 x 100 mm square galvanized steel posts with at least 4 mm ( . HEYOMART Heavy Duty Sun Shade Sail Fixing Kit for Garden Triangle and Square, Rectangle - 24 Pcs 304 Stainless Steel Sun Shade Sail Fixing Hardware Accessories Kit 3. I have a 22'x16' shade sail like the one found here. Pad Eye Anchor To anchor the Shade Sail corner ring to a wall, timber facing or any solid surface. Posts should be angled away from the centre of the shade sail by at least 10 degrees to provide additional strength and stability. This could be on a structure, such as a house or building or we may need to install steel posts. Rope can be used to extend your shade sail to a fixing point, we recommend 6mm Polyester (Braid on Braid) Rope for this. Cali Shade Sails is the preferred Inland Empire Shade Sail Provider for all the needed shade requirements for pools and patios covers. We have provided below a link to the Dulux catalogue for your information. Stainless Posts, Flat Bar and Intermediates; Stainless Pop Rivets. To anchor the Shade Sail corner to timber, steel poles or solid area where rear access is available. Buy Shade Sail Fixtures and Fittings – all you need to set up your shade sail securely. However it is the burning question so we'll try to give you a brief guide. Up-To-Date Steel Prices. Also, slope the Shade Sails to further improve the UV coverage and rain runoff. shade sail post options posts. With the exact specifications measuring at 12000mm x 6000mm, and the white fabric, these shade sail structures were a true statement for the college grounds. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Don't Pay $115. Correct posts supplied for your shade sail for safety. For DIY installations we supply 316 stainless steel turnbuckles and shackles with the shade sail. Sun Shade Sails offer an excellent shade solution for backyard decks, patios, pools, play areas, camping or any place shade is needed. The larger the sail the more damage it can cause. Each corner of a Sail Shade World Custom made Shade Sail contains dual layers of seatbelt webbing – the strongest corners of their type. Able Canopies waterproof shade sails are high strength steel structures that are covered with 590 g/sqm waterproof tensile fabric that provides high UV protection as well as shelter from the rain. Wall Mount Pergola Kit with Shade Sail for 6x6 Wood Posts in the Pergola Parts & Accessories department at Lowe's. Metal posts should be a minimum of 48mm diameter. Diameter : 110 x 80 mm. Considering multiple types of materials that can be used and different construction options, we present these 8 shade idea s for covered pergola designs that are proven to work – climbing vines, retractable or fixed canopy, permanent corrugated roofing Steel posts are available from your local hardware or steel supplier. The 3" posts have slowly taken over. A flat sail can more difficult to properly tension and can catch rain and wind. Depending on the height, posts are usually embedded in a concrete footing, 3 ft. The Ingenua Shade Sail System is not just a shade sail, but a complete system, including sails, removable poles, wall tracks and mounting options! Attach one or more of five sail shapes to the flexible wall and pole tracks, then simply slide the sails up and down the tracks to block the sun as it moves through the sky. PHONE TO ORGANISE PICKUP OR DELIVERY SYDNEY/ NEWCASTLE/ CENTRAL COAST ONLY PH 1300 729 440 We use only “marine grade” 304 or 316 stainless steel hardware shackles, turnbuckles, eyenuts, eyebolts, threaded-rod, nuts, washers, bolts, plates, cables and rings. The biggest 5 point Sun Shade Sail in Parkinson made from Protex Parasol in black with black posts providing expansive coverage. All attachment and mounting hardware is compatible with the shade sails and other hardware we offer. This will require a post hole digger and  to fix your SHADE SAILS to. Powder-coated stainless steel posts are available for a surcharge Metal posts should be securely set into the ground and are strong enough to take the full weight of the shade sail in windy conditions. The perimeter of the sail is manufactured from the same material as seatbelt webbing utilized in automotive applications and is immensely strong. All Single Post shade systems feature our remarkable CoolNet™ shade fabric in a variety of colors for maximum air cooling and protection from up to 99% of the sun’s dangerous U. Depending on the type of shade sail you have, you may need three or four of these. Raise the shade sail up to the fascia and slip its head rod into the clamps. A shade sail is set up by attaching each of the four corners' rope to a supporting hook, which in turn, is attached to an pad eye. This video shows that anyone can install a post by themselves for their shade sail. The better poles will be 3″ in diameter whereas the cheap ones with be 1″. A boat sail can be found at supply stores and online. All the following are made in 316 marine grade stainless steel. Please visit our photo gallery below for different sails. Steel posts can be powder coated or painted to help protect them and provide the desired color. North West Shade Sails. Each sail is mounted to steel posts and tightened so it won’t flap or move even in wind speeds as high as 100 mph. You also want to verify the thickness of the tube walls. While steel is preferred, a large wooden post is a common alternative. Also visit: Turn-Key. The shade sail works for inclinations of 0 to 40% (22°). The sail shade structure was constructed of two square shade cloth sails, fixed to six steel anchor points. For our shade sail here at Sailrite, we decided to create two overlapping triangular panels that attach to 6 x 6-inch wooden posts that we had installed in the ground. The Shade Sail must be positioned to avoid water run-off to surrounding properties. Our experience in  We recommend using steel posts ranging in size from 90mm diameter up to 150mm diameter. Each post is made from 100mm x 100mm pre-galvanised square hollow steel at 3mm thick and is 4 metre's long. Ideally the poles should be set a minimum of 4' deep in concrete. Each Shade Sail is a 'stock' design - that when ordered, can be cut by our automated robotic cutter and made up quickly in our sail loft in your own choice of fabric and colour - see the FABRICS page for more details. From 8x8 to 12x12 Feet. It is recommended to use a round steel post with a minimum diameter of 90mm, or a 90x90mm square steel post. The size of the pole depends largely on how many shade sails will be attached to it, the size of the sail and how far from the ground the shade sail will be attached. Post installation is not covered in the video, but here are a few pointers if you will be installing posts for your shade’s support. They can be polished 316L stainless steel marine grade steel or treated for anti-rust. The shape of a single post shade sail can also look great with a water theme. To install steel posts, we will need to dig a minimum footing depth of 1200mm x 450mm wide, before concreting in place. 95% UV block and shade in a 5. Details. and is 4 metre's long. Lastly- All of the materials we use are comparable in price and durability. The 3" square posts are available in aluminum and steel. Note that steel is inherently stronger than aluminum, and thus is typically cheaper to Mar 29, 2019 · How to Hang a Sun Shade. in diameter. Installation. Our shade sails are affixed to heavy duty powder coated steel posts and frames that are embedded in a wide concrete footing to accommodate the significant tensioning necessary to stretch the fabric. Posts. Steel Posts – The sun shade sail posts are made from steel and are galvanised as standard for ultimate corrosion protection; 5-10 Year Guarantee – The sun shade sails are supplied with up to a 10-year guarantee for complete peace of mind. STAINLESS STEEL SHADE SAIL KIT 32 - M10. Post diameters vary and are sized based on Sail size and post height. For use in conjunction with S Hook, Turnbuckle, D Shackle or Snap Hook as the link to the Shade Sail. We include as standard a high quality powdercoated finish to our galvanised posts and steelwork. A second consideration when planning your sail is proper positioning and installation. The size of your sun shade sail can depend on a few factors. However, they are not highly recommended and you must follow specific allowances in length. Here are a few … Read more Make your shade sail lasts longer Shade sails are anchored to roof shade sail fittings or powder coated steel posts. May 2020. R. Shade sails are anchored to roof shade sail fittings or powder coated steel posts. Technical assistance is available for large scale tensile architecture projects. Attach one snap hook to the eye bolt and then Custom shade sails are the perfect way to ensure your sail suits your unique needs and now you can design a shade sail yourself. Metal Poles for Sun Shade Sail and Accessories We are offering supply and installation of the metal poles embedded into the ground, painted with fixed eye bolt. 5mm thick. The depth of the hole will depend on the size of the shade sail. 2 THREAD. If you choose to use chains, remember that the chain must not exceed 24 centimetres , except on one corner wherein you can allow up to 30 centimetres . Cable fasteners are zinc-plated copper for maximum corrosion resistance. Each sail is interlock seamed with twin lock stitching. Stainless Steel Square Shade Sail Fixings – *DIY Kit* Jaw/Jaw $ 89. The taller (higher) the post and the bigger the shade sail then the  Shade Sail, Shelter, Playground. One side is anchored into the rear of the house, and the other extends over the patio to two steel poles anchored 4' into the ground with 300+ lbs of concrete each. shadesails. Steel shade structures designed with you in mind. com . Shade Sails are available in a large range of colours and both custom and standard sizing. GENERAL: Shade Systems™ ‘Sail’ products are designed and manufactured to the most exacting specifications by skilled craftsmen, and certified by Professional Engineers for structural soundness of designs. com). Modern and well designed, shade sail structures add another design element to your home. 99 These triangle shade sails were used over a patio space next to a pool. One of the most versatile and aesthetic ways to create shade, Shade Sails come in a range of shapes from triangles, squares and rectangles to more intricate 5-point and 6-point sails. Our quality, in-house shade structures and tensile sails will provide lasting sun protection for any outdoor areas. A sun shade or sail is an easy way to add shade to your backyard or garden. Windscreen4less Shade Sail Post Round 96’’ (8ft) Galvanized Steel for Canopy Fence Installation Great Deck Patio Backyard Garden for Both Hard and Soft Ground Grass Concrete 4. Start by opening your turnbuckle so that it is one third engaged. ProRig now stocks a huge range of shade sail and shade structure stainless steel wires, brackets, discs and hardware. Sun shade sails offer critical protection from the dangers of overexposure to the sun's rays with a minimum of effort. The shade you need, without a lot of metal framework you don’t want – we’ve got you covered. Besides the colours indicated below, Black and White are also available. Default sorting, Sort by  Steel posts are also an option and are available from North Geelong Timber Supplies as well. The design features two short equal length sides that meet at a right angle with one longer edge opposite. Path of least resistance is a good rule of thumb when selecting Fixing Points on Built Structure. 2. Plus, removal and re-attachment of the canopy is a breeze, since our innovative Turn-N-Slide™ quick-release canopy fastening system is built right in! It is recommended to use steel posts as your masts. Sep 30, 2017 - Explore aaronsandeen's board "Shade Sails", followed by 153 people on Pinterest. Fabric is attached to posts using the Fastening Systems below in conjunction with vinyl covered minimum ¼” diameter stainless steel cables. The rule of thumb for how far into the ground you should go is going to be 1/3 of your walk through height. We design and manufacture our Shade Sails entirely in New Zealand. Delivering Door to Door Australia Wide. Shade sails and sun shades add an architectural element comprising heavy-duty fabrics that filter out the sun's rays without putting you in the dark. The Ankuka 2m x 3m Rectangle Sun Shade Sail is a super durable rectangular shade sail that provides a nice area of shade making it one of the best deck shade sails. Insert eye bolt so the collar sits flush with mounting surface, screw the nut in place using a wrench or spanner. If you need to install posts, these should be 48mm wide galvanised steel which is 4mm thick. Stainless steel D rings are used for the Post lengths should be calculated taking into account the proposed height of your sail plus the depth of your footings. Steel is stronger, will not overly deflect and will not rot. A single 4 point Sail will give you the biggest bargain for your dollar and also provide you with more shade than multiple 3 point sails. As you go up in height, so too you should increase the size of the post and the depth of the footing. Welcome to ONE Shade Sails Perth 's DIY shade sail guide, we aim to give you an overview of the design and installation requirements you need to take into  We must have adequate fixing points to install your Shade Sail. You could use treated timber posts (round posts use minimum 125mm diameter, or square posts 125mm x 125mm) or a galvanised steel post at least 4mm thick (round minimum 100mm diameter, or square 100mm x 100mm). B. Wood is far cheaper and easier to obtain, and Footings range in size according to the height of the posts. Sails can be attached to your home, and our posts, which we can paint to blend in with the scenery. 190 GSM Blue Right Triangle Sun Shade Sail Screen Canopy, Outdoor Patio and Pergola Cover Model# TAPRT20-6 (18) Posts are Galvanised steel 10x10cm 2. Attach the sail to posts set in the ground to provide shade where it's most needed. Aug 12, 2009 · The question of the Cost of Shade Sails and Shade Sail Prices can be a hard question to answer due to the fact that there are so many different types and sizes of shade sails and ways of installing them and your location. I had something less invasive in mind, so planned to attach two corners to our house, and attach the other two corners to trees in our yard that were in the right locations. These temporary tension structures can also be easily taken down seasonally if needed. KSFX8100 M8 x 100mm (Thread length) Eye Bolt *Use as an Jul 29, 2013 · Shazeebo has made another Shade sail Installation video to help the DIYers with their shade sail project. Easily cool off in the sun under a sail, you can feel up to 20 degrees cooler when standing under it Next use one bag of quick set concrete in each hole and backfill the remainder with soil. www. 00; GALVANISED STEEL ROUND POLE WITH CAP for fixing Shade Sails 3. They are much stronger and have a cleaner look. 99 - $623. They have easily proven to withstand wind gusts of up to 90mph when properly mounted. Pergola Kit with Shade Sail for 4x4 Wood Posts Product Overview Create your own patio oasis in an hour with our DIY Toja Grid Modular Pergola System. Such fine attention to detail further guarantees the longevity and quality. Includes a galvanised knock on cap. 84 each. Steel pipe is usually found at a steel supply or pipe supply vendor . Furthermore, each post should be cemented into the ground. Each post is made from 100mm x 100mm pre- galvanised square hollow steel at 2. Plenty of protection from the sun. For a unique look to your shade structure, why not check out our RAL colour chart for shade sail posts. Using twin needle sewing machines, all sails are double folded and double stitched with premium PTFE thread. Relaxdays Shade Sail, Square, Water-Repellent, UV-Protection with Tethers, Balcony Canopy, WxD: 3 x 3m, White (2) Free delivery All steel used for posts are Australian manufactured and galvanised and when we install posts, we over-engineer all footings to ensure there is no chance of failure in the shade sail structure. When deciding the right sail shade pole, you want to look at the diameter of the pole. You need to attach these to posts or walls and in order to have a high stability of your shade sail, you will need to make sure that you get large and thick D-rings or triangular ones made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, because you do not want them to start rusting after a month or so or open up due to stretching and surprisingly fall down. Who is New England Shade Sails? We are a The sail-like appearance of shade sails adds boldly modern lines to patio decors. Steel posts can be cut to predetermined lengths and painted to a color matching your shade sail and environment. The most common shade sail material is metal. They're mostly designed to  Stainless steel shade sail fixings and Galvanised steel shade sail posts. Posts With its experience and its collaboration with Voile du Sud Engineering (manufacturer of high quality shade sails), Voile du Sud Metalworks offers a range of standard posts specifically designed and tested for the installation of shade sails. A. Galvanised Steel Posts are the best choice for hanging a Shade Sail. 00 (if required) Footings: (when applicable) Concrete footings are designed and Engineered per the UBC/IBC using wind exposure data appropriate for the area. I have 4x4x12' (pressure treated) posts that I wanted to use for each corner. (Happy to  Stainless Steel Corner Kit for Shade Sail Installation through Metal Posts upto 85mm. LOVE STORY 6'5'' x 9'10'' Rectangle Sand Sun Shade Sail Canopy UV Block Awning for Outdoor Patio Garden Backyard Love Story 6'5'' x 9'10'' Rectangle Sand Sun Shade Sail Love Story offers professional sun shade solutions for gardens, patios, swimming pools, bbq areas etc. The shade provided can lower ambient air temperature beneath the sail upwards of 15 degrees centigrade. Stainless steel chain and shackles can also be used in attaching the shade sail to the posts. There are many types shade sails on the market, some not as good as others. Posts Wall or Fascia Trees. 00-$4,500. Colors of the paint are available from the color chart. If you are out in the mornings, for instance, position the Shade Sail to benefit from sail coverage in relation to the sun at that time of day. But our new shade sail comes from Patio Paradise. Unfavorable design and manufacturing processes will cause more issues than they solve. Shade sails come in a range of different shapes and sizes; usually square, rectangular, triangular or hexagonal. We recommend the use of a minimum 100 mm (3. With millions of unique furniture, décor, and housewares options, we'll help you find the perfect solution for your style and your home. Steel Supplies & Prices, Steel Fabrication, Steel Products, Stair Stringers, Steel Posts and Beams. They used the metal fence poles to anchor the sails. deep and 1 ft. Apr 29, 2016 · Steel inserts, which include sub-base plates, ready for installation in concrete footings for shade sail columns. Each sail is a strip of fabric that’s been specially-designed to withstand an incredible amount of pressure. 6m triangular shade sail for £45. One thing is for sure, I'd consider going with longer posts, maybe 10'-12' to provide enough clearance once the posts are set. 04 on average. You should allow a space between the corner of the shade sail and the mounting point that is at least 10% of the shade sail length. 7) Galvanized steel posts (powder coated) How to spot a poorly constructed a shade sail . My question is, since the slab is already there, can i safely use 100x100 treated pine posts set in stirrups which i will dynabolt to the concrete. Free Shipping on all orders. $82. Marine heavy duty material excellent condition includes 4m steel upright 100by100mm to suit see diagram for rough dimensions of shade $550 or price negotiable on viewing ** Please call Superior Shade Sails installed a shade sail that incorporates a privacy screen to provide additional protection from the elements. Steel posts, on the other hand, are durable, uniform, easily painted, and perfectly suited to the chore of providing a stable anchor for your shade sail over the long haul. Inclinations of more than 40% are possible with engineering approval. In general however, it’s recommended that posts are embedded in footings which are 900mm to 1800mm deep and 300mm to 500mm in diameter with one third of the total length of the posts embedded in the ground, with the remaining two thirds above the ground. Shade sails can be attached to installation poles for maximum security, or anywhere the pad eyes can be attached. Steel posts are available from your local hardware store or steel supplier, and can be cut to predetermined lengths and colour-matched t o your sail and environment. Once you've got everything  When there are heavy winds, the shade sail can strain the existing structures. Each end/corner of the sail has a sewn in stainless steel D ring that can be used to attach the sail to a , wall, or post. The attachment to house walls is guaranteed by specific wall brackets. they are 4m tall, I am thinking of making one 30-40cms shorter so the shade sail tilts little bit towards one side and leaves can fall off easily. Steel posts. Showing all 6 results. Dec 02, 2012 · An introduction to planning the location of post holes and how to safely dig them without breaking pipes or underground services. It is important to avoid these types of shade sails. See more ideas about Shade sail, Pergola, Backyard shade. Shade sails are a great addition to your home’s outdoor space wherever you could use an additional shade zone. Post wall thickness should be a minimum of 3. Shade sails are not intended to hold snow and should be taken down where snow is a possibility. Set two poles 6" deeper so rain runs off rather than pooling in the middle of the tarp if it's made of canvas. Patio Paradise Sun Shade Sails provide UV protection from the sun, a cool place for children to play, or an outdoor shaded area for entertaining guests. 99 £ 9 . . For installations with an 18' square shade sail (SS-18) be sure  Shade sails usually require the installation of thick-walled steel poles. Ideal for Playgrounds Cantilevered shade structures are perfect for playground and other outdoor use areas. These structures can be easily removed during winter months when protection from the sun is not needed, extending the life of the fabric. Posts sizes are determinied by the size of the sail or sails attached to it, what sides they are attached and the height they are attached. Each post is made from 100mm x 100mm pre-galvanised square hollow steel at 2. The sail-like appearance of shade sails adds boldly modern lines to patio decors. Installation – Shade Sail in Geelong. So typically a 20' Sail with a low side that is 8' high requires a high point that is 13' high. In this video we attach a shade sail to three posts that have already been installed and checked by a qualified builder. If the shade sail has a 12 foot length, there should be at least 12 inches between the corner of the shade sail and the mounting point. Posts should be set 3′-5′ outside the space where shade is needed, since the shade will not be directly underneath the sail, and the position of the shade moves throughout Shade sails work best when they are installed on an angle where the fixing points, being steel posts or brackets, are created at different heights. A sun shade. In other words, you’re looking for a covered pergola. Location. Pergola Kit with SHADE SAIL by Toja Grid is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. They DO HAVE to have the steel posts they show under "install" on their web site. No matter what you do, it will never line up quite right, and more than likely it will have to be replaced in a year or two. 19$128. KSFX8480 4 Hole Eye Plates (8mm) *For use as an anchorage point for smaller Shade Sails* 2. 98, plus £32. For most smaller sails (under 5m square), posts can be vertical, but for larger sails, move top of post away from opposite post by 150-200mm, so it leans out from sail slightly to help take the strain. Let concrete cure for 24-48 hours. Shall be abrasion resistant and immune to UV radiation Customize Webbing Shade Sail, custom shape, custom color and custom size available Chris Lambton adds shade to the yard in a unique way by hanging a real boat sail. Metal posts. 00) Find great deals on the latest styles of Steel shade sail. A shade sail's inward-sloping sides are its visual signature and its engineering secret: the curves help to evenly distribute the tension placed at each of the shade's A ShelterLogic Shade Sail is a decorative, functional fabric shade engineered to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. This Shade Sails are always best removed when not in use, or for periods of bad weather - particularly during the winter months. 2331 West Holly Street Phoenix, AZ 85009. Poles solutions adapted for your project ROOFING: Sails are designed by Shade Systems only for use with CoolNet™ polyethylene shade fabric. This video demonstrates the method used by Sydney Shade Sails Pty The sail shade can create supplementary force on the fence post so you will want to reinforce it with additional concrete. We recommend you use steel or aluminum posts, and not timber posts, for your sail structure. V. Custom made outdoor Shade Sail Made by D. Each shade sail has marine grade stainless steel cable around the perimeter, ensuring superior tensioning and longer life. Each Shade Sail is manufactured here in Brisbane, using computerised technology. 1 post 100mm diameter x 3100mm long. 2M deep for two and the other two into the ground at 1. Shade sails are attached to free standing upright posts or a suitable  26 Apr 2017 It isn't a question of post size. We are a family operation and are taking the precautions for our staff to be safe however as a family we can work together. Stitching is tight up to the massive marine grade 316 stainless steel corner rings preventing the rings from turning. Sails can be mounted flat or with high and low points. Weight : 12 to 20 kg depending on the base. The Shade Sail must not be closer than 1. Our sail-maker has been hand-fabricating shade sails for the Australian market, and Australian weather, since 1988. rays. Metal Sheets & Posts; Sand & Aggregate Shade Sails & Awnings. These usually come in a variety of designs, to help achieve the look you’re going for. We custom design build industrial and commercial shade sails and canopies in California. You can use 4x4s or round posts of similar size. The steel framework was then galvanised for extra strength. The steel post colour can be matched to your shade sail and environment and can be cut to pre-determined lengths. The sail The shade sails provided by Shade Sails Direct are very strong and SailShadeWorld have not had an issue with a shade sail because of the wind – providing that the shade sail is properly installed. Shade your patio or yard with a triangle shade sail. com, which sells a 3. Check out our range of Steel Posts at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Steel posts with welded lugs start at Nov 07, 2016 · Shade Sails bursting refers to the sheer weight applied to them, Shade Sails are very, very hard to break as I am yet to see one of our sails burst. Traditional steel posts never go out of style, and if you angle them slightly outward to give a more abstract look to your shade sail, then they come out even better. When the price of steel is lower than aluminum these are the most popular posts sold. Cost was $1000 for the sail. Each post mount kit has all the components you will require for ONE  25 Oct 2012 Most people underestimate the power of shade sails in strong winds. Shade sails are a way of providing comfortable shade in modern landscapes. Shade Sail Fabrics. It was 20 lbs of solid steel, 5' long  16 Nov 2010 I would probably source these type of heavy gauge poles at a local metal supply. Turnbuckle Tensioning To link the Shade Sail corner Shade Sail Pole, Stand Post - 8' Feet Tall (96") -Heavy-duty Awning, Canopy Support Poles,Space Durable versatile replacement poles, steel - Sliver Quick Overview THE MOST STURDY POLES - High quality steel, With Higher corrosion resistance, Higher cryogenic toughness, Higher strength and hardness, A more attractive appearance, Lower maintenance How to properly install a shade sail over your deck area Shade sails are a great add-on to your backyard area, highly functional in commercial establishments; they are a great style icon. Note: 1 post has some damage at the base of the post (from demo) but should be within footing. The size of the pole depends  Shade sails work best when they are installed on an angle where the fixing points, being steel posts or brackets, are created at different heights. Manufactured and compliant to engineering standards, these excellent shade structures come with a limited 10-year warranty and installations, for your peace of mind, are also guaranteed. ShadePro offers a variety of shade solutions to meet all kinds of different layouts and designs. Triangular shade sail offering shade from the harsh New Zealand sun and allowing you to Get some shade with this 3m x 3m Garden Sail Shade & Posts; Choose from 2 designs: triangular or square; Triangular design includes 3 x white steel shade sail posts and guy ropes; Square design includes 4 x white steel shade sail posts and guy ropes; 3m x 3m large shade sail for outdoor use; Canopy made from 100% polyester Cali Shade Sails is always selected and chosen in areas of Ontario, CA because Cali Shade Sails are made of quality materials suited to last. Shade Sail Attachment & Tensioning Ideas. Re-tamp concrete and finish surface with a slight slope away from post so water can drain. 00; GALVANISED STEEL SQUARE POST for fixing Shade Sails 4 Our shade sails are affixed to heavy duty powder coated steel posts and frames that are embedded in a wide concrete footing to accommodate the significant tensioning necessary to stretch the fabric. Shade sails are our most popular product. These steel posts are usually powder coated so they have a hard, long-lasting finish. One side will be attached to the house, and the other to posts. 94 likes · 2 were here. This design is also hooked to the ground on opposite sides for better results. 27 Aug 2016 It's what helped me the most with moving the rock out of the way of where I wanted the shade sail poles to go. Poles, cables, rope, turnbuckles, snap hooks, and more. Description One Galvanised Steel Round Post 114mm outside diameter to fix your SHADE SAILS to. Our customers have used wooden, metal and concrete posts, conservatory walls and even trees as mounting points, highlighting the versatility of the shade sail. They are typically set in a footing that is 1/2 the depth of the exposed length of the post. x 12 ft. We stock quality 304 and 316 grade stainless steel. Joined Hypar Sails. The is a good video demonstrating the installation of Sun Shade Sails with metal poles. 2 Metres long $ 199. Pole - No Base -Hang String Lights to Railings or Fence Posts string lights  Windscreen4less Extendable Sun Shade Sail Post Pole Kit 8 feet (96'') for Deck Concrete Grass Patio Steel Diameter 3'' with Ring Clamp Bracket Canopy Sail  Bear in mind that steel posts are hollow and have a relatively thin wall diameter of only a few mm, so what may appear to be a very substantial metal post will not   HONGCI M8 Heavy Duty Sun Shade Sail Fixing Kit for Garden Triangle and Square, Andes Set Of 2 Universal Telescopic Adjustable Steel Tent/Awning Poles  This 10' post is great for installation of standard size shade sails, roman shades or shade panels. We take pride in the provision of only the highest grade commercial cloth available in a huge variety of designer colours to blend perfectly with your lifestyle. com. Results 1 - 24 of 699 Windscreen4less Shade Sail Post Round 96'' (8ft) Galvanized Steel for Canopy Fence Installation Great Deck Patio Backyard Garden for  11 Mar 2020 Some of these mounting points may already exist -- for example, a pergola, large tree or branch (minimum 10in diameter), fence post, soffit, fascia  26 Apr 2017 Topics include how much should I slope my shade sail, wind and rain considerations, post heights, materials, footings and finishes as well as  Steel posts are available from your local hardware store or steel supplier, and can be cut to predetermined lengths and colour-matched to your sail and  Our canopies, awnings, carports, shade ports, shade sails, sun gazebos and sun For the posts, we usually use 4" schedule 40 steel pipe (galvanized) or  Helpfulhow to install removable poles to support a shade sail over the deck. To take your shade sail or structure design to the next level we have a fantastic range of colours for your posts and steel structural components. With Commercial Shade Sails designing and installing your very own custom shade sail is easy. 5 out of 5 stars 4 £9. 00; Stainless Steel Square Shade Sail Fixings – *DIY Kit* $ 83. Shade Sail - Post Mount Kit Shade Sail - Timber Mount Kit In the UK there is a growing trend for outdoor shade sails, offering a stylish and efficient way to protect from sun and rain, choosing the correct type of fixing hardware is a very important to achieve perfect tension for shade sails. But by bending the steel a bit, a person can add an abstract style to the shade sail, which can elevate the entire look of an outdoor awning. Two Post Hypar Sail . to 6 ft. Our shade sail attachment and mounting hardware is manufactured with 316 marine quality stainless steel and is suitable for harsh environments and on sailboats. Aug 27, 2016 · The hanging hardware shade sail installation kit consisted of several stainless steel eye hook pads, carabiners and adjustable turnbuckles. Use 100x100 steel posts. The shade sail edges are hemmed with 50mm heavy duty UV stabilised webbing in matching or contrasting colours. 5mm. 77 Solano Square #238 Benicia, CA 94510 (707) 746- 5080 www. Rust factors can be compensated by using stainless, galvanized steel or aluminum. Available for delivery Australia wide. Shade sails are fabric shade structures – purpose-shaped fabric “sails” held in place above the area where shading is required by attaching and tensioning their corners to strong points on buildings, posts or even trees. Well, it is, but you have bigger concerns: The brackets will not serve your purpose. Apr 06, 2016 · A step by step on how to install metal support poles for a shade sail Mr P ordered two 8 metre long square steel support poles for the shade sail and had them cut in half to 4 metre lengths. Went for the 125mm x 4mm thick posts x 4meters long. They are readily suited to cover irregular areas as the support posts can be installed where required, as opposed to a sq or rect shape. One Galvanised Steel Post 100mm x 100mm to fix your SHADE SAILS to. Since the three or four edges of shade sails should not be at the same height 4 point shade sail installed at Aspley, Brisbane using Z-16 Blue Fabric and galvanised steel posts. We bought our hot rolled steel for the fire pit at a local industrial . 4pt Fabric Shade Sail. A single post shade canopy from USA SHADE can be up to 25 feet in diameter, offering plenty of sun protection. Mark mounting position for your eye bolt and drill your post. Shade Sails, whether 3, 4 or more sides, all have a curved edge from point to point. Also, we recommend removing the sail shade before any heavy wind. When you want to make the most of your deck area and want that little extra shade, shade sails makes all the difference. The most popular color? You guessed it: blue. Happy to customise length & fixings to suit. 3 galvanised steel posts used for shade sail supports. For high-quality, affordable, long-lasting shade structures, choose Creative Shade Solutions – leader in commercial shade sail systems. Steel v Timber Posts. Steel Posts. Shade Sail is made of breathable UV protected HDPE shade fabric which is water resistant and can effectively block the sunlight and keep you away from the UV rays,light weight and durability make it a superior choice for all types of shade applications. As a rule, the height of the post determines the wall thickness and size. When to choose a shade sail Each post is made from 100mm x 100mm pre-galvanised square hollow steel at 2. Tensioned fabric shade structures create outdoor permanent sun protection. Steel posts with welded lugs start at £114. Also if your looking for waterproof shade sail, sail shade posts, shade installation, sun shade and DIY Shade then we either have blog posts on this or will in the future so stay tuned. Install three steel posts, attaching them to the deck framing to support the shade sail. Helpful--how to install removable poles to support a shade sail over the deck. Our Steel Pole-mounted Shade Sails are a very effective sun shade solution. The Shade Sail, including the posts that they are attached to must be within your property's boundaries. shadecomforts. Triangle shade sails layered over a patio, from ‘Landscaping Network‘. This is the only acceptable way to make a Shade Sail, guaranteeing that the fabric is fully tensioned. 5 ft. Shade sails can be used to protect your plants from the elements or you can install them over an entertaining area to protect you from the sun. 5mm thick and is 4 metre's long V3 DESIGN-BUILD SPECIFICATIONS SHADE SAIL STRUCTURES Shade Comforts, Inc. Step 6 Feb 12, 2015 · The corner fixings are actually rings and cables that keep in place a shade sail. These posts had ‘spurs’ on the top of them to ensure that the shade sail to which they were attached could be lifted up and over a conservatory roof. The posts are usually schedule 40 steel posts 4-5″ in diameter and are installed permanently in the ground. Other corners can often be attached to adjacent buildings. With a custom sized shade sail, you install your posts and other attachment points, take all of the measurements and Shade Sails Canada will make a custom sized shade sail to fit that space exactly. Have ordered the shade sail tonight and approx 4 weeks for delivery due to custom made option. This item: 10 ft. Well, the poles are finally in and cemeted. to 1. Compare prices & save money on Outdoor Furniture. Visit us today for the widest range of Steel Sections products. Call today and set up an appointment and FREE consultation with one of our team's representatives who will guide you through the process and provide the best solution and product to meet your shade large tree, fence post or fascia. Once you’ve decided where you want the fixing points to be check they are structurally sound. We often recommend a 3 1/2 to 4-inch thick walled steel pole. shade sail steel posts

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