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Our Favourite Japanese Shoe Maker – Masaru Okuyama

We came across Masaru Okuyama’s shoes in 2009 while we were in Japan and there was an event for Mr. Okuyama in the hopes to spread the name and exceptional work of this young, talented shoemaker. Shoe lovers ourselves, his shoes simply blew our minds away.Down to the minor details to the overall cut of the shoe, they were simply nothing short of perfection for our eyes and feet.  The designs distinguishes itself despite something so slight and minimal yet intelligently particular and unique. We present some designs you might find familiar. His bespoke work is proof that with passion, there would be the ability bring dreams into reality.

Having seen many different designs of shoes, although pretty standard combinations, we learn to realise that every minor detail to material used, overall cut of the shoes, from the tip all the way to the base, one minor change would make a pair of shoes really stand out perfectly from the crowds.

We present some eye candy for some of the shoe lovers out there, with that, we stay inspired to improve and continue to bring you only the finest shoes!



Marx B.Masaru