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Guide to different types of men shoes

oxfordOxford shoes (aka Balmoral)

Originated in Scotland and Ireland and are laced shoes characterized by shoelace eyelet tabs that are stitched underneath the vamp. Historically, these shoes were plain and made out of leather, but now they have many embellishments and colors. These are shoes that can be worn at formal occasions and usually have an elegant feel to them. They are timeless, versatile, go great with suits and are formal.

DerbyDerby (aka Blüchers) 

The Derby is a very similar to the oxford shoe but the difference is in the lacing which is sewn outside of the shoes (showing visible flaps). This more noticeable lacing style makes this shoe style less formal compared to the classic Oxford. Derby/Blüchers come in any color, brogue and non brogue, cap-toed, wing tipped, as well as many different types of leather and linen. Derby shoes are perfect for a smart-casual dress consisting of jeans, dress shorts, and sport coats. They are less suited for suits but do make a good shoe choice for business attire on rainy days due to their more rugged construction.

 monk strap

Monk strap

Shoes are shoes that have no lacing, closed by a buckle and strap.In terms of formality, monk strap shoes are between oxford shoes and derby shoes. Monk strap shoes have either one strap or two straps. There is no rule to wearing one or two, but we would consider the strap in this case an accessory, so the bigger the guy, the bigger and more the straps, and the thinner the guy, the thinner the strap and strap number.

 WingtipsBrogues and Wingtips

These two are similar shoes, but they’re not quite exactly the same. Actually, they are not similar, but many people can’t see the difference, so here we are to clarify: brogues are any shoes  that have perforations on it. These perforations have, of course, decorative purposes. Historically, these perforations used to let the water out which would flood the shoes in the Scottish and Irish weather. Wingtips are any shoes that have a W shape design on the toe cap. A shoe with the W design minus the perforations is also a wingtip. There are also full brogues and semi-brogues.  full brogue is a combination of the W design and perforations, while a semi-brogue is mostly characterized by perforations on the toe cap and some serration on the edge of the cap.

 loafersLoafers & Moccasins

These are slip-on shoes and are one of our favorites. The difference between loafers and moccasins is that they have different origins and are slightly cut differently. The big difference is that loafers have a distinct heel, so many would argue that the difference is basically in the sole. The cool thing about this type of shoes is that they come in such a huge variety that it’s hard to say precise if they are to be worn at formal occasions or at casual ones. It really depends on the fabric and the color of the shoe. Dressier loafers can be worn at formal occasions, while colorful ones that come in more casual fabrics, should be worn at work or casual occasions.


There you have it, the main types of shoes are now at your fingertips, or, toe’s tips.
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