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Factory, Custom and Bespoke Shoes.

Know your Factory, Bespoke or Custom Shoes

Most singaporean men have no idea about a construction of a shoe or what does the above actually mean.

“Custom” and “Bespoke” are similiar, however there is a fair bit of difference.

The First worn – Factory

Factory mades are … well, you know what they are. Most of us start off with wearing factory made shoes at some point of time in life and majority of us continue to do so. With the improvement of technology in today’s machinery and software of shoe manufacturing that ensures that quality and durability is maintained in the strictest sense of the word.

At some point, people look for something different, something exclusive. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another’s poison, we all differ in taste and perception as well as fashion dare-to-dress.

The BIG word… Bespoke.

Bespoke is when an item is made from scratch to a buyer’s specification. Measurements are taken, and a template is then cut, mould is made to tailor for fit, and fully customized. The term bespoke is generally applied to men’s tailored clothing.

The customer’s foot is measured in every detail and a Last is prepared. A Last is prime as everything that follows is based on an accurate Last. The rest of the magic follows on the basis of this Last and other requirements of the customer.


Bespoke shoes take longer to make – the time taken can be anywhere from 8 weeks to 1 year – yes, 1 year!

However Bespoke shoes will definitely last you a very long time with highest quality material however it all comes with a hefty price tag.

The cost can be anywhere from S$ 2000 upwards pricing range in Singapore context.

The Middle of both is Custom, in our context, The Gentleman’s Edition.


So then, Custom shoes?

In different countries, men feet differs. Thus the different sizes of UK, US and EUR sizes which complicate many men to even be confused of their own shoe sizes.

Only with Marx B. do we introduce the ‘in-between’ whereby we can still make custom shoes in a manner of sophistication and expertise of bespoke shoes. Instead of measuring every bit of the foot or defining rigid foot sizes, we utilize the shoe ‘last’ standard to the region’s average men sizes. For instance, Asian’s (eg. Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand) have an average men’s size of EUR 39-45. The ‘last’ differs only very slightly in the broadness of the feet

In Made-to-order/ Custom Shoes— a customer takes an existing ‘last’ and selects the colour, materials, and details. Due attention is given to foot size – we measure the size in Millimetres. This gives a bracket or room for variation for foot expansion (particularly evening time) which is taken into account by the shoemaker/factory when starting work.

Ever looked at a factory shoe and wished ‘that’ leather was on ‘this’ design? Missing a certain design that rings your bell?

Custom Shoes allow you that flexibility.

Not only that, chances are NO ONE has your design. As everyone’s taste is much different!

Price ranges from $200+ to $500++. which is still much less then half the price tag of a bespoke pair of shoes.
The process time is approx 2-4 weeks dependant on the complexity of the design.

Our Gentleman’s Edition will have the person’s name and initials embossed on the shoe, which serves as a perfect gift for any businessman in Singapore matched with our customized gift voucher.

Four steps this way:

1. Measure foot size
In order to avoid any confusion on US / UK foot sizes, its best to trace out foot on paper and measure between the tip of Big Toe and Heel in millimetres. Samples of different types of ‘last’ will be provided for the customer to try.


2. Choose Leather type and Lining
For shoes in regular wear and even for special occasions, the leather most suited is cow-hide. which is also our most commonly used. Designs of any shoe pictures and ideas provided to us will assist further in the final product.















3. Choose Colour(s) & Shoe Design
There are over 20 different variations on the basic black, tan and brown as well as green, yellow and burgundy! Stick to 1 or pick up to 3 colours to suit your style.
Lace Ups? Wing tipped? Tassel? Loafers? Take your Pick!

4. Pick sole type
Leather soles for the best effect or synthetic moulded rubber soles for regular wear.

Place your order and look forward to the delivery date!